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Our Program

We offer:

  • 1:1 Center-Based, Home & Community ABA Therapy
  • On-going Parent training & Support
  • Individualized programming
  • Consultations & Evaluations
  • Functional Behavioral Assessments
  • Language and Skill Assessments
  • Social Skills Training, Food Selectivity, and Potty Training
  • Collaboration with outside service providers

Our Approach

Horizons Behavioral Consultants takes a very personal approach to ABA treatment. We believe in the importance of developing strong rapport with our clients and their families, getting to know our clients as unique individuals & learning about what motivates them, and helping to foster an environment where family members and service providers are all experiencing success. It’s for this reason that Horizons Behavioral Consultants is committed to remaining a smaller center to ensure that each client receives the most personalized and effective services possible.

Horizons Behavioral Consultants believes in the importance of generalizing skills across all of the client’s environments. We generally prefer working with clients initially in the clinic setting. The clinic setting allows for us to have control over the environment and easily introduce structure, creating an optimal situation for learning to take place. The clinic setting also provides opportunities to practice social skills with similar peers and helps prepare clients for a transition into a school setting.   For kids, the clinic is an exciting place with lots of toys, attention, activities, and the presence of peers. Once we have a solid program in place for a client with control over any problem behaviors—we then generalize our interventions into the home and community, training parents and other service providers to implement a similar program successfully.

We prefer using naturalistic teaching approaches before unnatural ones and teach skills in a way most developmentally appropriate for the age of the learner. For younger children, we focus on teaching skills through play, while older children learn skills that are age appropriate and meant to increase their independence and compliance with demand tasks.